La Dieta : 40 Days Postpartum

Did you know that in some cultures after giving birth you’re not allowed to leave the house, do any housework or physical activities, your basically expected to lay in bed all day and just take care of the baby for 40 days. In my culture they call it “la dieta”. A women’s body goes through extreme changes within the nine months of pregnancy and birth so the idea is to let your body fully recover both physically and mentally.

For me it was hard to follow “la dieta” , for someone who was never home, who would just come home to sleep, staying home for 40 days was challenging. I was use to going to work in the morning and after work I would spent my evenings at the dance studio. Throughout my whole pregnancy till the day of giving birth I was very active. It was confinement for me. I felt like I was on house arrest lol. My grandmother would yell at me for something as simple as going up and down the stairs. I wasn’t allowed to cook, clean, do my bed… which I would still do from time to time because that’s just who I am. I am not the type of person who likes to wait for others or to ask for help when I feel like I can do It myself. I was not allowed to work out which, I started to do anyway after 2 weeks. Of course It was light home work outs. I still haven’t gotten back to fully working out but I will in the next few weeks. Did you follow “la dieta? Was it hard for you too?

I have to say that I tried my best to follow this tradition, but I can’t  say I followed it to the tea. I went out before the 40 days. I went out to the supermarket, Babies R US, doctor appointments, you know the neccesary stuff.

I have heard different stories from women in other cultures who weren’t allowed to shower on their own, some women weren’t allowed to wash their hair, have sex, if they went outside for any reason they would have to cover themselves up very well and put cotton in their ears. Have you heard of any other traditions? Does your culture follow his too?

In my culture they say if you don’t follow “la dieta” the right way you will suffer from headaches and wont fully recover and the only way to make it right is to follow “la dieta” the right the following time around.

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